Customs: Unfolding Agenda of Adewale Adeniyi

With it’s new leadership Nigeria Customs Service is faced with a period of adjustment to deliver optimally under a result focused Comptroller General

By Ismail Aniemu

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The Acting Comptroller General of Nigeria Customs Service(NCS), Bashir Adewale Adeniyi has reassured personnel of the service of his leadership commitment to enhance their professional development and give attention to matters of their welfare.

This thrust on personnel improvement is expected to impact on the core areas of customs operations – revenue collection, suppression of smuggling and trade facilitation.

IMG 20230707 WA0006The new customs chief has taking over determined to work with available resources and deploying the service personnel for optimum productivity

Adeniyi during a recent tour of the Abuja NCS Headquarters visiting various departments, engaged officers on a one on one interaction to have a clearer grasp of their working issues to enhance their efficiency.

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During these interactions customs spokesman Abdullahi Maiwada said CG Adeniyi listened and appreciated the challenges and contributions of customs officers to build a Service that supports and empowers human resources.

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IMG 20230703 WA0134The CGC said “We are committed to enhancing your professional development, welfare, and well-being. Our initiatives to improve training programs, ensure a conducive working environment, and provide necessary resources is paramount in our administration”

The CGC commended outstanding officers for their dedication and exemplary service. “Let us celebrate our unsung heroes who go above and beyond to safeguard our nation’s borders. Together, we will foster a culture of teamwork, transparency, and pride in our work”.

The CGC’s tour is a teaser towards embarking on a transformative journey, driven by the commitment to an incredible Customs family.

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Introduction of staff courses. This administration will build upon those gains to ensure the continuous growth and development of our workforce. All these efforts will be channelled towards ensuring that the real potentials of the Service are achieved.

In his maiden address he said “It is crucial for us to recognize the modern realities and challenges to Customs operations. In today’s interconnected and technologically advanced world, we face emerging threats that require our utmost attention. E-commerce, global supply chains, and transnational criminal networks pose challenges to our role as custodians of trade facilitation and enforcementt.

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“We must adapt to these changing landscapes, leveraging technology, intelligence-led operations, and effective risk management strategies. Collaboration with international partners, law enforcement agencies, and customs administrations of other nations will be vital in combating illicit trade and securing our national interests.

“I want to acknowledge a significant milestone in our journey towards Customs modernization. Recently, the Nigeria Customs Service witnessed a remarkable achievement with the signing of the new Customs Act.

“This act marks a pivotal moment in our efforts to enhance trade facilitation, streamline procedures, and strengthen enforcement measures.

“The new Customs Act provides us with a robust legal framework that aligns with international best practices, ensuring transparency, efficiency, and compliance in our operations. It empowers us to effectively tackle emerging challenges, adapt to evolving trade dynamics, and safeguard our national interests.

“Under this act, we have the opportunity to introduce innovative measures that will further enhance our customs processes, such as the implementation of advanced risk management systems, the integration of cutting-edge technologies, and the simplification of trade procedures. These advancements will not only boost our revenue generation capabilities but also promote a conducive business environment that attracts investments and spurs economic growth.

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“We are fully committed to the successful implementation of the new Customs Act. We will work diligently to familiarize our officers and stakeholders with its provisions, ensuring its effective application across all our operations. Through comprehensive training programs and continuous engagement, we will create awareness and understanding of the act’s importance in achieving our shared goals.

“As we embrace this new era under the Customs Act, we must remember that its success relies on our collective efforts. I call upon all officers, personnel, stakeholders, and the public to embrace the spirit of compliance, collaboration, and continuous improvement. Together, we can unlock the full potential of our customs service and contribute to the prosperity of our beloved nation”

Adeniyi’s emergence as CGC comes with a uniform feeling of hope, expectations for the best from a customs service that will be more responsive to it’s statutory duties.

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