Fake Medical Doctor Uncovered in Blackmail Gang Against Maritime Academy of Nigeria

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Martins Ugwu Okpeh (middle) sitting between police officers when he was paraded for being a fake doctor using stolen identity

A suspected fake medical doctor going by the the stolen name of George Davidson, presently undergoing trial before some courts in Nigeria has been uncovered among the syndicate allegedly trying to blackmail and extort money from Commodore Duja Effedua, Rector of Maritime Academy of Nigeria.

Martins Ugwu Okpe and his group allegedly tried making financial demands for settlement of the phony allegations before other suspected of the group, including a former external solicitor to the academy, JO Udobang were remanded in the Kuje Correctional Centre by a Federal High Court.

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Reacting to journalists inquiry in Lagos at a function recently, Effedua who declined comments on the issue before the courts, said he is committed and won’t be deterred in making Maritime Academy of Nigeria the best among it’s peers in West and Central Africa.

He described the activities of the fake medical doctor as avoidable distractions to the ongoing development in the academy, stating that the rule of law is taking it’s course on the issue of frivolous petition writing and false allegations with intent to extort money.

Following a recent video circulated online by one Adamu Jubril, a former employee of the academy whose employment was terminated by the Governing Council in 2020 for trying to extort and blackmail the cashier of the Academy , Maritime Nigeria made efforts to reach the Rector of the Institution, Commodore Duja Emmanuel Effedua (rtd) for clarifications.

Responding, the Rector was emphatic that Adamu Jubril has an antecedent of dubious, unsociable conduct in the Academy which preceded his (Duja) appointment.

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“I do not know where to start from because this fellow breached the Public Service Rules severally as a result unacceptable conducts which include stealing, falsely accusing his colleagues etc. Adamu accused his colleague of money laundering who in turn petitioned him to Management of the Academy. Adamu pleaded for leniency when he was confronted. He said he did it because he was broke and needed money.

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“He is part of a syndicate who regarded the Academy as their fish farm or garden where they use to harvest money unchallenged in the past. Former Rectors must have suffered a lot under Adamu Jubril and his cohorts who collude to blackmail and extort the Academy thereby subjecting the school to stunted growth and underdevelopment”

Adamu Jubril and his co-travelers are pained that we refused to yield to their blackmail and intimidation of the Academy for funds provided by government for the development of the school”. In fact they are so angry that l have successfully blocked all financial leakages through which they persons have used to siphon money from the system. This the real reason why they are after me.

“Our unflinching resolve to block all financial leakage and focus on the restructuring mandate as ordered by the Federal Government has rendered them hopeless and directionless; forcing them to resort to blackmail, petition writing laced with unfounded, very spurious allegations.
“We often laugh at their antics because we are guided by rules and regulations in everything we do”

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Adamu and his criminal gang are a bunch of criminals are bent on destroying the Academy in pursuit of the pecuniary interests. It is unthinkable that staff of any institution could collude with outsiders to pull down the organization they were employed to nurture, grow with and protect. Unfortunately, MAN has suffered over the years as a result the employment of persons such as Adamu Jubril”

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This Jubril is the same person who was rolling on the floor begging for forgiveness when I called the ICPC interrogate him on his allegation of money laundering by the cashier in December 2020.
The query issued him, his reply and petition written against him by the cashier who he was blackmailing and extorting are well documented.

“He was bold enough to tell his colleagues that if she refuse to comply with his extortion demands, they will suffer a lot in the hand of the EFCC and ICPC before the truth will be uncovered”

“When someone brought the video he is circulating to my attention I laughed because I could connect the video to the arraignment of his partners; JO,Udobang, OU Essien and Micheal Edet. This video was horridly produced on the same day Udobang and his cohort were arraigned and remanded. What a coincidence.

It is likely, among those guiding him on what to say in that video is one fake Dr. George Davidson (real name Martins Ugwu Okpe) who is on bail in Abuja. Martins Ugwu Okpe is a well known serial blackmailer and extortionist whose criminal records are all over. Go on Google and see for your self.

“His cases of identity theft, impersonation and blackmail at the Federal Ministry of Health where he worked as a fake medical doctor for a decade before he was caught and paraded by the Nigeria Police. He has several ongoing court cases as a result of his criminal cases ongoing at Federal High Court at Gwagwalada and Court 11 Jabi in the FCT” Visit the registries of these courts and see for your self.
Martins Ugwu Okpe, stole the medical certificates he used to secure employment at the Ministry of health where he worked for 10 years till he was caught. He tried to blackmail a former coordinator of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (NCDC) Pro Nacidi during the Ebola outbreak years ago and even the Permanent Secretary. he was paraded by the police on national television. Just go online to know who Martins Ugwu Okpe, aka Dr. George Davidson is.

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“This same martins Okpe aka George Davison got my number and call me in 2018 that I should pay him money if I wanted peace. That he can protect me from blackmail. I warned him to stay clear of the Academy and he said I should not consider myself a champion. At a point he called my staff to arrange a meeting for discussions between himself and the Academy which we declined”

For Adamu Jubril to associate with such hardened criminal syndicate, who specialize in criminalities tells you the kind of person he is.

“Personally I do not have time for people like Adamu who is running from his shadow. I am too busy to have time for persons of his ilk.
Those who know him should tell him that the video he did is Cyber Crime Category A. He should be ready to back up his allegations with proof as we are prepared to meet him in court anytime. We are not distracted by these drowning desperate criminal, we are focused on our work.

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