How We Resolved Tin Can Port Traffic Logjam – Egede,Port Manager

Port Manager of Tin Can Island Port in Lagos, Sylvester Othuke Egede has explained that a combination of long standing work experience, environmental awareness and institutional knowledge contributed to solving the traffic challenge that impeded movement of vehicles inward from Mile 2 to the port.

Speaking in Lagos at a Ramadan fast breaking dinner for Muslim stakeholders in the port, Egede said he started his working career at Tin Can Port in 1992 and has interacted closely with haulage operators within the system.

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He disclosed that he came to the port armed with a Bachelor’s degree in geography which he later capped with a masters degree in transport planning. These academic qualifications and his work experience in the port environment helped him in resolving the lingering traffic challenge

He said he enlisted the support of all stakeholders including the security agencies to dislodge persons suspected of involvement in extortion and other forms of illegalities

According to him, he was privileged to work with the truck operators during his early years and has been conversant with most of the young players then who have become leaders in the group

He added that his schedule in the management of fertilizer haulage from the port in 1996 , expanded his exposure with that critical sub sector of the port community.

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Egede stated that most of the driver assistants, also known as motor boys, during his early days in Tin Can Port have become leaders in the group and attested to his being a known person in the port environment.

Organiser of the dinner and Customs Area Controller of Tin Can Island Port Command, Comptroller Dera Nnadi, who spoke glowingly of Egede’s feat at the port within a short time urged all stakeholders to be dedicated to working for national good.

Nnadi said truck operators should see the resolved traffic situation as a positive development that will encourage seamless movement and multiple turnovers within short time compared to what obtained before.

He said the traffic situation has caused deaths to some road users and adversely affected government drive for trade facilitation and ease of doing business

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The Controller advised that truck operators shouldn’t see the cleared road as a bad development that would reduce their gains as they stand to gain more from multiple trips unlike a situation where the trucks were made to spend days within the port corridor on a single movement of cargo.

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Comptroller Nnadi while admonishing Muslims and Christians to continually pray for the success of Nigeria at all times, said a prosperous country will rub off positively on citizens.

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