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Facebook alerts users affected by Cambridge Analytica scandal


Facebook would start
informing its users on
Monday if their information
“may have been’’
improperly shared with
Cambridge Analytica.
Cambridge Analytica is a
consultancy suspected of
improperly using the data
of as many as 87 million
In a statement, Facebook
said that 70.6 million people
affected were based in the
U. S.
Up to 2.7 million Facebook
users in the EU were
affected, with another two
million affected in the
Philippines and Indonesia.
Other countries affected
include Mexico, Canada,
India, Brazil, Vietnam and
Australia, according to
In a further effort to
improve transparency after
the scandal, Facebook
would send all 2.2 billion of
its users a notice that
would allow them to see
what apps they use and
what data they are sharing
with those apps.
The company said this would
allow people to shut off the
apps completely or turn off
third-party access to their
Cambridge Analytica is at
the centre of a debate over
whether it used the
personal data of millions to
influence the outcome of
the 2016 U.S. presidential
election and the Brexit
“I started Facebook, and
at the end of the day I’m
responsible for what
happens on our
platform,’’ Facebook
founder Mark Zuckerberg
said. “I’m serious about
doing what it takes to
protect our community.’’
Zuckerberg is set to testify
before U.S. lawmakers this