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Protest to depose Zuma fails


The planned trek to the Union Buildings, South Africa presidential offices, on Monday to enforce President Jacob Zuma deposition became a debacle with the organisers alleging threats by armed men.

Some political stalwarts of the African National Congress (ANC) had planned to march to the Union Buildings on Monday and camp there till Zuma resigns.

According to the convener of #ZumaMustGo, Lazarus Maumela, some unknown gunmen had forced the protesters to have a rethink about the protest.  He told the media in Pretoria, Monday;

“We saw the firearms. It was not just one firearm. We know that it was a rented group. They were sent,” Maumela said.

The ANC Youth League on Monday issued a statement urging all of it’s members to shun any protest led by Maumela.

The ANC youth League said, “No one should seek glory by organizing shut down marches under the banner of the ANC and trying to put pressure to the ANC national executive council (NEC) to act hastily for his and her interest.

“All ANC activities are sanctioned by the ANC leadership in various structures not charlatans.”

The league stated that their leaders were elected based on their capacity to tackle problems internally.

They called on members to grant the party leaders liberty to address issues troubling it’s existence.