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All Macs, IOS devices affected by chip security flaws- Apple


U.S. tech company Apple has cautioned that all Mac and iOS devices have been marred by security loopholes in their  Central Processing Units.

Just recently, cybersecurity practitioners have released information about design slipups in microchips manufactured or designed by companies such as Intel, AMD and Arm Holdings, which are dominating dealers in the chip market.

In a statement released by the company, it said that the susceptibility called Meltdown and Spectre could grant hackers access to vital information on the user’s PC or devices.

“Security researchers have recently uncovered security issues known by two names, Meltdown and Spectre.“

“These issues apply to all modern processors and affect nearly all computing devices and operating systems.

“All Mac systems and iOS devices are affected, but there are no known exploits impacting customers at this time … Apple Watch is not affected by Meltdown,” the company said.

The tech lords adviced users to download softwares only from secured and reliable sources, adding that  the company has rolled out patches already, with the intent of shielding devices from Meltdown and Spectre and would not relent in the process anytime soon.

According to media reports and warnings from cybersecurity experts, the hardware bugs could allow malwares installed on the devices access to privy details under the noses of the operating system which should have hampered the activity from taking place.

A majority of all the devices with chips produced in the last two decades are presumably affected by Meltdown and Spectre. (NAN)