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Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos now worth $100 billion


Amaon founder and it’s largest shareholder, Jeff Bezos has reached the 12 digit milestone for the first time.

Amazon stock rocketed by 2.5% on Friday to place Jeff Bezos at the top. The stock got a lift from reports that online shopping on thanksgiving and black friday climbed 18% when compared with last year. He made almost $2.4 on friday alone.

Jeff Bezos owns about 78.9 million shares of Amazon, worth a staggering $93.6 billion. That doesn’t sum up for all his holdings, though the two other highest profile companies he holds, The Washington Post and space tourism company Blue Origin don’t rake in much by comparison.

Amazon shares are over 58% this year, more than enough to enrich Bezos by $34 billion. As a matter of fact, his single day earning of $2.4 billion would be enough to get him into Forbes rich list.

Bezos gained the world’s richest title in july, when he briefly surpassed  Bill Gates. He then moved behind Bill Gates in October. The Microsot owner and founder is now worth $89 billion, according to Forbes.

Bill Gates is the second only person to reach the $100 billion mark, which he reached in 1999, when the internet stock bubble briefly put him over the mark.