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What’s next after the burial of the 26 teenage Girls in Italy?


After a long silence  that annoyed unsavoury comments in the social media, over the weekend the Federal Government reportedly set up a committee to investigate the death of 26 Nigeria teenage girls whose body was taken by a spanish ship from the Mediterranean sea to Salerno in Southern Italy for a mass burial.

Many Nigerians felt disappointed that the Federal Government, which is usually fast in commiserating with world leaders whenever their citizens meet with tragedies, reluctantly reacted to the death of Europe-Bound Nigerian migrants on November 3, 2017.

The investigations carried out is expected to unveil the exact cause of death of the suspected victims of human trafficking. Other than 26 recovered dead bodies, about 64 were not accounted for and lost after their boats capsized off the Libyan coast.

Information released by the government shows that about 115,000 migrants of mainly African descent reached the Italian coast from North Africa this year, which caused a fall from the figure of 167,000 recorded last year. The International Organisation for Migration, IOM, also reports that 2,925 people have died trying to cross to Europe this year is less than the 4,302 for the same period in the past year.

Now the dead bodies as a result of the tragedy has been laid to rest in a mass grave in a foreign land instead of their own country Nigeria, what is the way forward as a nation, to tame the act of young Nigerians in search of a better life in foreign countries? If any of the victims were confirmed to be sexually assualted and murdered , what steps will the Federal Government take to ensure that the offenders do not get away with the crimes committed?

These questions are very mandatory in solving the problems that human trafficking has brought upon our country. The problem is aggreviated by recent report on CNN of the sale of Nigerians and other Africans into slavery in Libya. The value of the lives of Nigerians has been depreciated, and in past times where humans were rated lowly than cows and little is done to nail this issue and prevent such experience.

The Federal Government should empower the NAPTIP to improve efforts to break the organisations that is responsible for human trafficking. Citizens must know that the search for a better life in a foreign country is an illusion. It is a endless trip into slavery and death in an unknown place.

Important decisions must be made by the Government in other to put a stop to  human tragedy in the country.